Here Is Why You Can’t Finish What You’ve Planned

Struggle to accomplish what you’ve planned? Planed something and can’t finish it? I hear you. There are a few reasons for that.

You struggle to finish what you have planned, when:

1) You do not enjoy what you are doing.

Unconsciously every person seeks pleasure. If you are excited about doing a specific activity, then the time flies, you are in a so called “zone mode” (it’s when you don’t notice anything around you while doing the thing), and you accomplish everything in a blink of an eye.

If you do not enjoy what you are doing for any reason, then consciously or unconsciously you will try avoiding that. You will try to replace the activity you have to do with any activity that brings pleasure.

How to deal with this?

Break the unpleasant activity into smaller bits. Do one logical bit and then reward yourself by doing something pleasant. Then, take on another unpleasant bit.

Do the activity at the time when you feel most energetic. If you don’t have energy already, then it will be even more difficult to start doing something that you don’t enjoy.

Ask yourself whether the activity is really necessary.

See if you can find another person who might do the unpleasant activity for you, so you can concentrate your energy on more productive things.

2) You get tired while completing tasks.

If you get tired while completing task, it means something is not quite right with the task organisation or your habits.

How to deal with this?

First of all, get enough sleep. An average person needs 8 hours of sleep. Some need more. Make it eight hours and stick to it for at least one week. See how it will change your mood, energy, and performance!

Second, make breaks. Do one task for 45 minutes, then take a break for 15 minutes. During the break, do the opposite to what you were doing during the task. I.e. If you were sitting in front of a computer, get up and walk. Make tea, stretch, go outside for a fresh air. If a task was a physical activity, then do something non-physical – flip a magazine, sit and wait for a cat to comfort on your lap.

You get tired of accomplishing a task, if the task if too big or too long to finish in one go. Break it down into smaller tasks. If the task gets boring, you are at risk of not doing it at all. In this case see another point in this article on how to deal with that.

3) You have too many tasks on a plate.

Having too many tasks on a plate will make you anxious. You will end up doing none of them, or doing none of them properly.

How to deal with this?

If you see your calendar is occupied with tasks, if you can’t finish the previous task when the next one starts, or if you can’t accomplish everything planned for the day, then it’s time to prune your calendar – re-allocate tasks to other days, to make each day less congested.

Say NO to things that don’t fit your vision, mission, and short-term goals. You need to have things done now. For that you need time, concentration, and energy. Allow yourself to have that. For that, you need to be picky about what you choose to do and not to do.

If you have too many ideas floating in your head, that excite you and make you want to rush and start doing them – write them down somewhere. Let them rest for at least two weeks. Then return to them, in your spare time, and see if they still excite you to the same extent.

Balance your load. Have the maximum of 3 task per day. Make them three big chunks. Move the rest to another day. Group similar activities in a bundle. I.e. Replying emails is one bundle – reply as many emails as you can during that task.

4) You haven’t planned it properly.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”, teaches us the famous saying. You might be struggling with accomplishing something, because you have no plan or the plan is not good enough for the particular task or circumstances.

How to deal with this?

Before you start with a task, think of an “actions sketeton” – smaller steps what you need to undertake to get the task’s result. If a step is big, break it down again. Have a clear vision, see the path you need to follow to accomplish the task. Then, follow it without further thinking. You can adjust the steps along the way. Importantly, start doing now.

Over to you now:

Have you ever struggled to accomplish what you’ve planned? Ever tried to finish what looked like a perfect plan? How did you deal with that challenge? What would you recommend yourself and others in this case?

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