What Is The Best Domain Hosting Provider In Australia?

How to choose the best domain hosting provider for your web site? Who is the best domain host in Australia?

When I moved to Australia, I already had a few domains. Their target audience was outside Australia, so the hosting company I chose was in USA.

The audience of my new venture that I started here in Oz, was predominantly Australians and people living here. I had to choose the best domain registrar and domain hosting company for my new web sites.

If you are new: What is a Domain Name and Domain Hosting? A Simple Explanation.

If words a “domain name” and “domain hosting” sounds to you like a fire dragon in a dark forest, then, to put simply:

  • Domain“, or a “domain name”, is what you enter in your browser’s bar. E.g. ‘news.com.au’ – this is a domain, or a domain name. It’s a name of your web site (which is a place where your content will appear).Think of a domain name as a big white label sticker put onto a side of a box, with a text written on the sticker with a black marker, e.g. ‘news.com.au’ – the text says your domain name.
    Inside the box are your toys – your content that you then show to others (i.e. you make your content available or accessible, on the Internet).
  • Domain hosting” is a place where all files of the content are stored at. Files with your pages text, pictures, and special files that make your web site look pretty and work perfectly.Think of domain hosting as a box. The box has a sticker with a text (this is your domain name). Toys are inside that box (this is your content, your web site’s content).
  • You need a box (domain hosting) to put your toys (content and files) into, so you can put a sticker (domain name) on it, to then tell everyone that that’s your box with such and such toy.Is it helpful or do you have a question? Let me know in the comments below.

How To Choose The Best Hosting Provider

Things I look for when choosing a hosting provider:

  • Reputation – I check forums to see what other people say. I’m always interested in issues they mention. I’m ok if sometimes some issues occur. More importantly is how the hosting provider company resolves them – how fast and how often they re-occur. Which leads to the next point:
  • Support – How good, fast, and friendly (humane) they are.
  • Reliability – I want to choose, trust, and be sure that my needs will be covered. I don’t have time to jump between hosting providers. I’m okay to find one and stick with it for a very long time, as long as they keep a great job so I can do my business successfully.
  • Hosting Options – Various hosting plans allow you to choose the most suitable for you. If you are small, you need a hosting plan that does not include heaps of what you don’t need. Does the hosting provider allow you to add more things/addons later? If yes, then that’s your boy!
  • Price – You get what you pay for. I wouldn’t look at the cheapest hosting provider. I did that in the past, but the amount of time and energy I had to invest later into fixing things and chasing stuff with my hosting provider, drove me to a conclusion that cheap cheese can only be in one place – a mousetrap. I’m not saying all cheap hosting providers are bad, and I’m not saying all good hosting providers are expensive. Not at all. Choose the best you can afford.
  • Hosting Servers Location – If your customer base, current and the future one, is from Australia, then a wise option is to choose a hosting provider which servers (BIG boxes containing your and others’ boxes with toys) located in Australia. Simply because the connection to your web site, or domain, will be faster. (I emphasise ‘simply’, as there are some magic options, but I find that that magic does not work all the time, so you can lose customers and visitors that need to wait for your web site to load.)

I’m sure I have forgotten a couple of criteria (what criteria and qualities do you look for in a hosting provider? Tell me in the comments below.)

I’ve done my homework aka research and, after some time of using a couple of hosting providers, I’ve stopped at Panthur. I’m pleased with Adam, who runs it, and with the fact that he cares about providing quality domain hosting service. Panthur has a few plans, it’s possible to easily switch to another plan, has good options for managing and running your web site smoothly.

If you are looking for a hosting provider in Australia, check out Panthur. I happily recommend them as they appeared to be so far the best hosting provider in Australia.

To check out what they offer, to register a domain name, and to purchase domain hosting, visit Panthur. (This is my affiliate link. I earn a small commission if you purchase through that link.)

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